Tasty Planet Forever

The game Tasty Planet Forever is an arcade where you play for a cat that wills to eat the city. You start with traditional cat meals, like mice and rats, and then move the something significantly more interesting like houses and trees. It your mission to grow bigger and eat larger object to grow even more. Who knows, how large you can become! However, you are not an all-mighty one, so try to avoid things and characters that have larger size than you. They are dangerous and can damage you. There is no need to hurry: eat something that suits your current size and come back to bigger things when you grow, too. Tasty Planet Forever is a very simple but absolutely addictive title. The gameplay is elementary, you just point the objects and click them to eat. The graphics is bright and simple, so this is a real pleasure and recreation for both your eyes and mind. Check the gallery of screenshots and images for this game and see how many amazing locations and characters are waiting for you. There are so many details to discover in the crazy world where cats and bees can become so big that they can swallow the Earth! By the way, there are numerous worlds to discover and different characters to play for, so check them all!

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