Tasty Planet Forever Mods

The beautiful city of Paris is a perfect place for a vacation. However, if were a cat, you would probably want to visit this place to have a meal because the main pleasure in a cat’s life is food. However, you are not just an ordinary kitty that eats mice and fish. In Tasty Planet Forever, you are a super-cat, able to make the entire world your menu. Eat and ruin everything you see and have real fun! By the way, the game is not limited by one location and a story of a French cat with endless eating potential.

There are more worlds for you to see and ruin. For example, you can terrorize the Caribbean island as an enormously large octopus, just like those you have read about when you were child. There is also a rat, who is willing rather to save the world than to destroy it (if you are not okay with making the world disasters, then this option is for you). Also, you can move the ocean depth and conquer the underwater world with an angry and furious shark. Penguin on the North has a mission to stop cruel human beings and save his place (another one for those who don’t want to see the world ruined). Well, there is even a goo-like grey something that lives on Mars and still finds something that can be eaten and destroyed there. If these are not enough for you, then check additional characters like a chic, a whale, a bug, an elephant and even a child. Also, there is a character that seems pretty typical for an activity like that: nobody and nothing can be as successful in absorbing the universe as the black hole. The game is pretty extensive and there are more than 100 levels to pass. Some stories allow you to grow as big as the galaxy, so hurry up and check them all! By the way, when you pass the level as a single player, you unlock an opportunity to play a multiplayer mode. Invite your friends and make a real mess together in Tasty Planet Forever!

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