Tasty Planet Forever Evolution

Cats would eat 24/7 if they could. However, can you imagine a cat that actually does so? Not only he can eat all the time, but also he can swallow everything that fits his size. Oh, wait, what if he also grows to the fantastic sizes and wills to eat the planet? Sounds like a Steven King novel for kids! Well, if you want to play for a greedy and gluttonous kitty and have real fun eating and destroying the city, we encourage you to check Tasty Planet Forever right now! There are thousands of objects to taste and more than hundred different stages to discover. By the way, the cat is not the only hungry fellow here. You can choose other characters. Among them you will find an angry shark, a furious octopus, a passionate penguin, a heroic rat, and more. When you play the game, you can also unlock bonus protagonists, who are as crazy as the previous ones. An incredible adventure and a really nice meal if waiting for you in Tasty Planet Forever, so hurry up and launch the game right now! Have fun!

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