Tasty Planet Forever Android

If you have a cat, you know that there is nothing that they love more than food. Indeed, their hunger can be eternal. Imagine if your cat could eat everything he sees. He would start from his own food, then move to yours, and then… He would end up with eating houses and their dwellers! And then he would probably eat the park near your house and the whole city. Sounds really crazy, isn’t it? Well, hopefully this will never happen in the reality, but you are welcome to play a game that features a funny disaster-story like that. Behold, Tasty Planet Forever is already here for your enjoyment! Have a good meal in Paris and eat everything and everyone around. Nothing can stop you! Oh, in fact, there is something that can: objects and creatures that are bigger than you. But it is just a matter of time. You cannot eat them before you become bigger than they are. So just put everything in your mouth until the planet won’t be able to handle a glutton like that!

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