Tasty Planet Forever 2

Meet an amazing entertainment called Tasty Planet Forever 2, a game that really deserves your attention! If you want to have some fun and play for one of the most insane animals on Earth, then go ahead! These fellows don’t know what a feeling of satiety is, so they will eat everything they can. They will grow really big and even try to eat the planet. These animals are really cute but they are also dangerous! What can be more dangerous than a creature who wants to eat the world and actually can do this? The first character to play with in Tasty Planet Forever is a small ginger kitty, who lives in the most romantic city – Paris. However, he is not a romantic type. One day he realizes that there is a real black hole in his stomach and he wants to swallow everything he sees. He starts to eat and becomes not only fat, but also enormously big. In fact, he seems to be made of rubber, because he can absorb not only a mouse or a sandwich, but also a human, a vehicle, a tree… What is next? Can this huge kitty stop? But don’t worry, just have fun without any limits, because this cat is you.

The game doesn’t end here, other creatures from all corners of the world (and even other planets) are also available to play with. Discover new hungry creatures and find what’s there so tasty in their native lands. What about an octopus, who is so angry that he is ready to gulp the whole continent? Maybe, you want to play for a small bee, who becomes a killer-monster and eats the universe? In addition to a French cat, you will also play for 8 more characters. But this not all! You can also open a set of bonus characters, who are even more amazing. No matter what character you choose, your main activities will be eating, destroying and becoming larger. There are so many interesting things you can taste: palm trees on the exotic island, trucks and streets, and even the whole cosmos. You will definitely find a lot of amazing adventures and funny stories in Tasty Planet Forever, so enjoy it on our website for free! If you think that eating all the time seems like a lack of action, then you should remember that are about 150 available levels ahead and there is more, because you will have 16 characters to check out. You can always experiment and find something new in the game every time you launch it on your mobile phone. So what are you waiting for? The time for crazy adventures has come!

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