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Tasty Planet Forever Game Play Online

Oh, no, the world is in danger! A great disaster is about to come: enormously large animals are trying to destroy the planet. They are very hungry and cannot stop eating town by town, until they gulp the entire universe. Their hunger is eternal and they don’t seem to stop. Maybe they will eat the entire cosmos and other galaxies, who knows! Sounds really dangerous. And the reason for this danger is nobody else, but you! Discovering the world around is a pretty interesting activity, but eating everything in it is even better. You will try to swallow people, parks, automobiles, and even houses to grow bigger and eat more. Can you grow big enough to eat the entire planet? We bet you can! Tasty Planet Forever is a crazy title you will totally adore. If you have already played any other mobile clicker game from Beetles.io, then the gameplay will be clear from the first sight. However, even if you have never played the game like this before, you will easily master the mechanics because it is done in a simple and intuitive way. You just click on the objects and that’s all. From the very beginning of the story, you will play as a French red cat. He is always hungry, like any other cat. The main thing that makes him different from the others is that he can eat literally anything and can grow as large as an elephant. This cat is looking cute and funny, but later there will be more characters to try. You start in the kitchen and your aim is to swallow all the food you can find there. From traditional cat food like mice you can move to something more delicious like baguettes and wine. Every new meal makes you fatter and larger, which allows you to eat bigger objects, including city dwellers and their vehicles. Always remember that you can eat only things and creatures that are smaller than you are. Move around the city and discover new locations: there are so many things you haven’t eaten yet.

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