Octopus Eats a Dolphin

About 100 levels of fun and enjoyment are waiting for you in the Tasty Planet Forever game! where giant Octopus eats a dolphin. If you like cats more than people, you will probably become a real fan of this title. Start as a tiny and cute kitty, who catches rats in the kitchen. However, rats are not enough to fulfill his hunger, so he moves to the other meals. What about a bottle of French wine with a fresh baguette? And what about a near-by house, a neighbor’s car, and a neighbor himself? Sounds tasty! Move further to eat the entire city with all its trees and streets, until you become as large as a dinosaur. You can eat everything that is no larger than you.

Continue to grow and the quantity and variety of your potential meals will increase. Can you grow as large as a planet and swallow it with one move? We bet, you can! By the way, when you are done with destroying Paris and planet Earth, you can move to the other similar stories with new hungry protagonists. From the Earth, you can move directly to Mars and play as an alien blob, eating everything you can find there. Also, you are welcome to feel yourself as a monster from the ancient myths and play for an octopus that tends to swallow the lands around. Have you ever seen a bee that can grow larger than an elephant? Well, you will! Choose a bee as your main character and destroy the entire city. If you are found of oceanic environment, you can choose a powerful underwater predator – a shark – and make it hot for all the sea dwellers! It is pretty amusing to move around and destroy things while eating the objects and becoming fat and large. As we have already said, the number of levels is more than a hundred and character options are vast, too, so you won’t get bored with Tasty Planet Forever for sure. What is more, you can invite your friend to check the two-player mode together. Just be sure that you unlock the levels when playing alone and they will become available for a collective game. Prove your friends that you can cause a real disaster! Play Tasty Planet Forever right on this website. It is free!

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