It is a dirty kitchen of a French restaurant. Surprisingly, this is a starting point of a real disaster. What is more surprising, the causer of this disaster is a cat. Not just a simple Parisian cat, but the one who can eat everything that surrounds him and grow as big as a planet. The cat’s behavior can be an example of warning for Elon Musk and a danger of AI. The reason is that the command “eat everything you can see” is understood by this animal literally and there is nothing that can stop him. He starts with mice and cockroaches and proceeds with bread and wine. Then he becomes bigger and therefore can eat something more essential. Let’s say, a car or a human being. Or a tree. Well, the bigger you grow, the larger objects can become a meal of yours, so there are no limits. And it goes like this in the game called Tasty Planet Forever. The app will help you to see which objects are eatable for you at the moment to let you avoid any confrontations with something you cannot cope with. In total, there are 150 stages in the game. Not all of them feature the cat. You may also destroy the Caribbean as a monster from the depths or save your native land as a heroic penguin. The number of available plots and worlds is almost unmanageable. To pass them all, you will need patience and time. Also, when you unlock new levels, you get an opportunity to play them in a multiplayer mode. So do your best to do it and then call your friends to enjoy an incredible fun together. The screen will be divided into parts – one for you, and the second one for you partner. You can cooperate to destroy and eat even more energetically!

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