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What will happen if you give the cats a rubber stomach and a free rein? A real apocalypse won’t be long in coming. For example, one red fellow who lives in a kitchen of Paris realized himself as a Catzilla one fine day. He started with sandwiches and mice but ended with… a planet Earth. Are you already frightened of such a perspective? That’s okay, this kitty is you. Relax and destroy. By the way, there are other scenarios in this game. More creatures like sharks, dingos, octopuses, and even dark holes also have a hearty appetite, too. Try playing for each of these monsters and see them grow enormously large. Due to the fact that the number of characters is impressing and so is the number of levels (about 150 of them), you will never get bored with Tasty Planet Forever. Yes, you won’t be involved in any other activities besides eating but believe us, the number of bright and absolutely crazy stories, characters, and places will impress you for sure. The graphics in Tasty Planet Forever may be a bit sketchy, but you will see that the game is created with care and warm heart. The design may seem a bit childish but the details that were drawn with great attention will surely have a corner in heart of every mobile game fan. Also, we have great news for you: Tasty Planet Forever is available on our resource for you and its free. So what are you waiting for? Play it today and you will see how amazing and fun a cat-apocalypse can be!

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