Grow bigger, eat tastier! It’s Tasty Planet Forever, a game where you will play for foolhardy animals with a hunger that cannot be satisfied! The story starts at one small kitchen in Paris, where a red and funny cat lives. At some moment, the cat becomes hungry. Really hungry! He is so hungry that he won’t stop after swallowing a couple or mice and a baguette. What is more, every new meal makes him bigger and allows to eat larger things. So he continues with terrorizing the city and eating everything he can reach. Still, even people on the streets and cars and even building cannot make him full. The monstrous kitty seems to have some really dangerous plans: he wants to eat the entire world! Well, luckily, you are not a superhero to save the planet from that crazy animal. So you can relax and have fun. You are the one to play for the cat, so everything you need to care about is the amount of food you will find to become a real furry giant!
This is not the only character available in Tasty Planet Forever. You will also move to the seaside as an octopus, appear in the deep waters of the ocean as a shark, save the north pole as a penguin, and even discover the Mars as a strange grey creature. The bonus characters also include a child, another cat (now he is made of metal), and even a cell that starts as tiny one and grows larger than a planet. The gameplay won’t make you wrack your brains over the controls. They are pretty simple since the game uses a click-format. If you have already played any titles from the same studio, then you already know how to do stuff. Even if you haven’t, then you will cope with the movements with no problems as well.

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