Cat Eats The City

Dingo Game studio has something really great for you – its’ a game called Tasty Planet Forever, an adventure of animals possessed with hunger. They eat and grow! And the best thing is that there are no limits for their size. You can grow from a small cat a Godzilla-like ginger monster, swallowing the whole town. Starting as a microorganism, you can develop to a large creature able to make a meal of the planet. By the way, the planet Earth is not only the place to terrorize in Tasty Planet Forever. Because Mars is a tasty planet, too! At least an alien sludge-creature thinks so. The larger you are, the better, since this way you will be able to eat objects that are bigger. Just wait until you grow large enough to eat something really big. If you try to slur something that outsize you, this can turn very nasty! The larger objects can do harm, so make sure to keep away from them until you reach the right size. No worries, you will come back and eat them a bit later, so just proceed with something that fits your current forms.
You will start as a kitty who sits in a kitchen. The kitty feels hungry and starts eating until he realizes that he can eat something better than he usually does. Mice are not that interesting when you can grow big as a horse and even an elephant with every new thing you eat. So the cat moves on and gobbles the streets of Paris. He is not a choosy type, so everything can become a new point in his ration. If you think that this may become boring too soon, since all you need to do is eating, then you are probably wrong. The game has something to surprise you with. For instance, there are numerous characters here besides the cat. You will meet a shark, a rat, an octopus, and more. In addition, there is a number of bonus characters that will prove that developers’ fantasy is really endless. Actually, they have done a really good job, working on Tasty Planet Forever. Not only you will play for more than 15 unique characters with their own stories and locations, but also you have about 200 levels to play.

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